A legendary journey that predicts the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires

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David Asscherick talks about Kingdom Come
Arial view of Rome
On location in Iran
Shooting in Italy
The gates to the gold-drenched city of Babylon
An Iranian woman considering ancient history
Monk in Meteora
Exploring underground

History Uncovered

Join expert historians and thought leaders including David Asscherick, Professor Andrew R George, Professor Paul Cartledge and Dr Steve Kershaw on a whirlwind journey through the mightiest kingdoms of antiquity; from the gold-drenched city of Babylon, to the mighty metropolis of Rome; examining the courageous deeds of Alexander the Great and the bloodstained triumphs of Roman generals.

Ultimately, the story climaxes in our very day, where we see that an ancient prophecy predicted the next move in our world’s timeline.

Available as a digital download, single DVD or share kit with 5 DVDs, USB drive with HD copy of the film, and 5 study guides to dive even deeper into the writings of the book of Daniel.

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