Part 1: Destiny

Famed astronomer Carl Sagan left a sentiment about our world that is felt by millions today: that it has no meaning and no purpose. Historical events challenge this belief when king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the greatest empire in history, asked Daniel, a slave, to interpret a dream.

The king’s dream was of a statue, mighty and tall, but made of many metals; gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay. This statue represented the historical rise and fall of each legendary empire. Join us as we uncover the truth behind this story and behind the legendary empires that have shaped our world.

Part 2: Dominion

This ground-breaking documentary film draws back the curtain on the prophesied enemy of truth as foretold by Daniel, the prophet. We discover that this enemy rose from within the church itself and was none other than the combination of the cruelty of the Caesars paired with the superstition of the pagan pontiffs. In this film, we hear from world experts who confirm the historical veracity of the protestant reformation, and shine light on the darkness that enshrouded Europe, and the world, for over 1000 years. In this film, Antichrist is revealed.

We take viewers on a gripping journey: from the eternal city emblazoned with treasures and superstition, to a hidden valley of slaughter; from papal palaces of decadence, to castles of refuge; from chambers of inquisition, to city squares of revolution and bloodshed. We discover a system of power and oppression that continues to misrepresent the Gospel truth but that will ultimately have its earthly dominion removed and replaced with the dominion of God Himself.

Part 3: Downfall

In this film we uncover the final alliance of earthly powers that will seek to destroy God’s people and usher in an age of universal destruction. Emboldened from the ravages of the First World

War, this film explores the prophesied rapid global rise of the United States, as foretold in Revelation 13, and its role in bringing to a close the final events of world history.

The prophecy is as confronting as it is clear: church and state will again unite; this time with even greater results. The stakes of this final conflict are eternal as the stage is set for the downfall of earthly governments and the establishment of an everlasting kingdom.

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Today, we find ourselves living in a time of uncertainty. Our world faces unprecedented challenges that affect us all. Can we find certainty in the times we’re living in? Is there anything left we can put our trust in? Can God and His Word be trusted when it comes to our global future?

You are invited to go on one of the most exciting journeys of your life as we explore three prophecies that God gave throughout history.

Beginning with a prophecy given to an ancient king through a dream some 2500 years ago — a dream that clearly and precisely outlines the destiny of humanity.

The prophecy in Daniel 2 has withstood the test of time. Many of the world’s most powerful military generals and rulers have sought to undo what God foretold two-and-a-half millennia ago. Without exception, all have failed. This prophecy is about to reach its climax and ultimate fulfillment with the establishment of the final, eternal Kingdom — a Kingdom God will establish; a Kingdom in which love, peace and justice will rule forevermore.

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Kingdom Come journeys through the mightiest kingdoms of antiquity: from the gold-drenched city of Babylon, to the mighty metropolis of Rome. Scroll through the stunning imagery of these amazing empires.